Friday, May 1, 2020


I'm Stephen Cobb and this is my general purpose blog. Right now, the site is being transferred to Blogger from WordPress (that's why the date on this post is in the future—as the saying goes, it's a long story).

If you are looking for blog posts about my professional work, on things like cybersecurity and data privacy, can be found via I tweet about those topics, but also life in general, at @zcobb. I sometimes publish on Medium, SlideShare, and ResearchGate. In 2019, I was recognized as an award-winning technologist and I've been a CISSP since 1996. My master of science in security and risk management was earned at the University of Leicester (Criminology Department). In 2019, I moved from San Diego to Coventry in England, which is where I was born and grew up.
From 2011 to mid-2019 I was Senior Security Researcher at ESET, Europe's biggest security software company, where I helped create the award-winning security blog, We Live Security. These days I do my own research on my own time, working at the nexus of technology, ethics, gender, crime, privacy, and public policy. In my "spare time" I try to raise awareness of iron overload, the potentially deadly genetic condition, caused by Celtic Curse, also known as hereditary hemochromatosis. It's what disabled my partner of 30+ years, Chey Cobb. I also try to speak up for equality and diversity. #HeForShe