Some of the gyro sites

Here is a very cursory list of sites that have gryo car info:

This is a very useful collection but it would be nice if they acknowledged that they took the scans of the Gyro-X car from my site. [Note: I humbly stand corrected by site owner Douglas Self--he assures me, and I concur, that he obtained the material quite independently of my efforts--and I applaud his continuing efforts to marshal more of the historical data regarding these vehicles].

For example, Douglas has the best collection of data available--to the best of my knowledge--on the amazing Schilovski car.

More on the Schilovski car via the Wolesley UK connection.

Info about a gyroscopically stabilized car in the sixities by inventor Louis Swinney.

More info about same vehicle, actually written by the inventor.

The "large wheel" approach to a gyro car, nicely illustrated.

Wikipedia entry for the Ford Gyron.


  1. The Swinney Monorail system desinged and developed in the early seventies is being resurrected. More info later

    J. Roberts
    Dir of PR
    S&F Gyro Dynamics Inc

  2. My name is James Roberts, and I am with Americanunirail, Inc, out of Kansas City. I would like to clear up some things about The invnetor, Louis Swinney , who passed away four -years ago. Mr.Swinney, was involved in the field of Gyro-stabilization and sucessfully gyro-stabilized a vehicle in tandeem upon a single-rail back in the sixties. However, he had no involvement in the development of the Gyro-Hawk or Gyro-x. In prior messages (Anonymoud) who had worked with Tom Summers mentioned he had buildt the Gyro hawk. he is correct. Louis Swinney had nothing to do with the development of either GSV. Just to clear the air.

    comments from anyone

    Thank you
    James Roberts