Nostalgia Moment: The Deux Chevaux

Just had to Google "Deux Chevaux" after mentioning it in the last post about the Jeep Liberty roll-back roof. Found this great picture at Seattle-based 2CVs R Us, which seems to be the place to turn for this marque in the US.

These folks specialize in repair and restoration of Citroen 2CV and have many Deux Chevaux (French spelling) for sale. At the website you will find "plenty of information about 2CV's in general, repair and maintenance instructions, spare part supply, a very informative 2CV buyer's guide that tells you what to look for when you plan to purchase a 2CV and a complete online 2CV Users Manual." BTW, the fine example shown here is apparently located in New York state and up for sale. If you are interested, you might want to email cars at 2cvsrus dot com and ask for details of the "Stunning yellow and black 2CV Charleston."

[Many thanks to alert reader Christine who very rightly pointed out that the original post was incorrectly titled Deux Cheveux--after laughing along with Christine for some time, I have now corrected it.]

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  1. Just a note: The name of the car is actually "Deux Cheveaux" which literally means "Two Horses" or 2 horse power. You have written "Deux Cheveux" which means "Two Hairs"! HA HA HA HA ha ha ha!

    A Frenchman