In-Fill Blogging: Ethical? Annoying? Who Cares?

I assume there are statistics out there that will back me up when I say most blogs drop off faster than most new Year resolutions. They start ambitiously, sustained by initial enthusiasm, then the posts start to falter. Periods of revival occur from time to time.

One reason I think/know this? I have started a lot of blogs that have fallen off the wagon, so to speak. This very blog right here......started as a way to consolidate a bunch of those strays. Turns out herding blogs is up there with herding cats on the difficulty scale. [At some point this blog may be fleshed out with imported entries from my other blogs but I'm not holding my breath.]

So, there are long gaps in this blog. And you see long gaps in a lot of other blogs. Why not fill those gaps with back-dated posts? To borrow a phrase from the world of English property development this would be 'in-fill' blogging [as in houses built on previously undeveloped land within an existing urban development that fill in the gaps thus being 'in-fill' housing].

I admit that I do this. This post itself is actually in-fill, back-dated to make it look [to someone who looks, and quite frankly one wonders if anyone does] like I have been keeping up with my blog. As I see it, the problem with my blog is that it doesn't keep up with me., so this is in-filling a way to compensate for that. Let's face it, there are times when you have something to say but not the energy to say, and vice-versa (indeed, when the vice is versa you and the world are probably best off if you keep quiet).

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