Brother Inkjet Issue Now on Blip.TV

Okay, finally found time to edit the video I make of the "empty" Brother ink cartridge and host it at Using a good digital kitchen scale it looks like at least 10% of the ink remains in the cartridge after the printer declares "cartridge empty" and refuses to print.

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  1. The reason why they are doing that is because you should never get out of ink with those type of printer.

    In fact, you can overcome this limitation by sticking a piece of electrician tape on on side of the cartridge.

    In case you don't know, Brother use "OptoCoupler" to check the ink level.

    So you have to check where the optical reader is point through the cartridge and put the piece of tape in the way of the reader.

    The printer think that the cartridge is full and allow you to print ... but ...

    These printer uses long tubes to provide ink to the cartridge. These tube must always stays loaded. If they dried out, you will cause the printer to be unable to vaccum this color anymore, even if you have a new cartridge inserted.

    If on tube get clogged, I suggest you to use the Head Cleanup Liquid provided with some fillup kits and an old cartridge that you will never use again (nb: the cartridge must be of the color that is clogged). Fill the cartridge 1/8 with the cleaning liquid and put the cartridge in place. Get in WORD, draw a rectange of the color that don't print and print pages until the heads seems OK.

    For the color, use the "Custom Color" and set the RGB to the true colors (255).

    Good luck !

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