1-866-395-5011 or How Dell Loses Customers

Over the past two months we have been subjected to some serious harassment by Dell Computer, from which we purchased, last year, the one and only Dell Computer we will ever own. Nice computer, terrible company, particularly the part known as Dell Financial, which is apparently based on the other side of the planet. Most of the calls are hang-ups, sometimes half-a-dozen within a three hour period. Many have blocked caller ID. Many of the callers have Indian or Pakistani accents but lack the courtesy I normally associate with people from those regions. Sometimes, after we manage to get a word in and request that the calls stop,  we are assured that they will. But do they? Nooooo!

Best quote so far? "At your request your name has been added to our do-not-call list but bear in mind this will take 3 or 4 weeks to take effect." So let me get this straight: The web site says "Using an efficient, standards-based approach, Dell helps customers build dynamic IT infrastructures" but a change to a Dell customer list cannot be performed under 21 days?

Think we doth protest too much? Click here to see how many angry hits Dell's number gets on Google. Some of these links lead to forums where multiple posts make it clear that loads of people have been, and are getting, harassed by Dell. Of course, the idea may be get out of the computer financing business, annoy people so much that they pay off the balance, which is what we did (not that it stopped the calls).

I am mailing Dell a "cease communication" letter on Monday (certified of course). Violations supposedly carry a fine of $1,000. Maybe Dell is so clueless we will get lucky.


  1. I am having the same problem...are you aware of any remedy for this? Thanks for anything you can share...

  2. I've been dealing with Dell Financial for the last four months in attempting to remove an unauthorized charge. Whoever you call will refer you to the "right" person who will help you out, i.e., Customer Services. Then Customer Services will say they will get you the "right" person who will help you out, i.e., Dell Financial. You get the story. It's just a vicious cycle where no one can or will take responsibility for this. It just goes back and forth between Customer Service and Dell Financial Services, and there is no end to this. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to understand the foreign accent, i.e., Indian/Pakistani.