Electric Delivery Vehicle Plant Coming to Kansas City, With Chips

Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corporation plans to assemble all-electric zero-emission commercial vehicles in Kansas City with production of the first zero-emission commercial trucks scheduled to begin third quarter of 2009.

SEV U.S. Corp will initially focus its production on battery-electric-powered vehicles for depot-based predictable-route delivery fleets.

"We feel the greatest opportunity to have a major impact on the electric vehicle industry is through fleet operators who utilize commercial vehicles in a depot-based delivery model," said Bryan Hansel, chief executive officer SEV U.S. Corp.

"As more truck fleets adopt this technology, it will drive advancements in battery technology, drive down manufacturing costs, and form the foundation of a U.S.-based supply chain that, over time will also significantly reduce the cost of commercial electric vehicles. This will make them a natural choice for fleet managers with a depot-based delivery model."

Apparently, Frito-Lay has already signed up to use these vans for local delivery of its snack foods and chips. What a great fit! Zero emissions to foul up city streets, plus the power requirement goes down as the truck progresses through the route and then heads back to the depot to charge overnight for the next day's deliveries. Just like the electric milk float I drove 40 years ago!

Full Story on BEVs to be built in Kansas City by Smith

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