Thank you Layla, for all that you gave to us, 2004-2013

A photo snapped in August: Layla Cobb, 2004-2013

This is just a short note to all who knew and loved our Layla.
Earlier this week she ended her journey here in San Diego,
peacefully and with loving hands upon her.

Layla was not only a joy to us and those who met her, she was an enormous comfort to us through some very tough times. She steadfastly refused to leave Chey's side whenever Chey was feeling ill, and faithfully presented me with a retrieved object whenever I came through the front door.

Only recently did we discover that Layla had stoically endured many years of arthritis so severe that the vets, when they got the X-rays, said they were amazed that she was able to walk at all. But Layla has always soldiered on stoically, despite everything, from Florida to New York, and then the long journey out to San Diego. Living out here, Dog Beach became her favorite place. When she stopped wanting to go onto the beach we both knew that we would not have her much longer.

So here's to you Princess Layla, Super Trooper, Snow Dog,
indefatigable source of comfort and joy.

Snow dog Layla

Layla's first snow, New York, 2007

Layla Cobb, 2004-2013

Do I really have to go back inside dad?



Hello world, my first portrait, 2004

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