Friday, May 31, 2019

23andMe and Hemochromatosis

This blog post captures an exchange that occurred online in 2016 and is a work in progress.

I read your blog regarding Hemochromatosis and decided to look further into the 23andMe test. They tell me that their test results do not report on HFE. Do you know if this is a recent change with their testing or am I missing something? Below is the email correspondence I had with 23andMe.

Do current 23andMe test results show C282Y, H63D and S65C mutations? If so, where do I find this information in the reports?


Thank you for contacting the 23andMe Team. The 23andMe Personal Genome Service does not include a health report on hemochromatosis (HFE).

To see the full list of the topics addressed by our health reports, please visit:
While many of our health reports address medical issues, it is important to remember that the feature is neither a diagnostic tool nor a substitute for a physician’s advice.
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
Best Regards,
The 23andMe Team

Kim – Thank you SO MUCH for supplying this information. I was not sure of the “official” 23andMe position was these days on the HFE data. My wife and I signed up years ago when this data was freely available to all 23andMe users. Then the FDA stepped in and censored a lot of the health data. But…you should be able to get the information using the technique discussed here: link. Download the PDF document from that blog post ( Using 23andMe to determine HFE status) and it will tell you how to extract your HFE status from the Raw Data option. If you run into problems, leave me a comment here.

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