Blog Beats Beeb on Boeing Blooper?

Sorry about the overly alliterative headline, but I couldn't help myself: My blog post about security "issues" related to the Boeing 787's airborne network apparently appeared three days before the story was reported by BBC News. (As far as the whacky headlines go, I am still trying to beat a London Sunday Times headline from back in the sixties, over a story about Japanese zipper manufacturers beating UK rivals: Jap Zips Zap Brits.)

And it was not really my blog post over the weekend that "beat" today's BBC News web site coverage of the Boeing 787, it was the Wired web site, which picked up the story very quickly, namely Kim Zetter on 01.04.08 stamped 7:30 PM. I blogged that story on 01.06.08 so I was a little slow. However, the BBC says the story was first reported by trade magazine Flight International (which is not one of those magazines that publishes its stories on the web, so I am not sure about that claim, although it could well be true--my father-in-law, a battle-tested Navy pilot from the days of prop planes--used to read FI religiously).

As to the blooper, I just got an email from a fellow CISSP containing just the kind of comment I predicted. He saw the story and said, with some sadness: "not surprised." He added: "If aerospace is integrating everything, then rational thought and consideration is failing even in that industry."

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