Natural Beauty

Sometimes I find nature more beautiful than any art.

This is the view down the trail from my house right now. Layla, our Springer Spaniel, is looking back at me, encouraging me to take a walk.

The snow on the branches of the birch trees and maples creates a sort of cathedral over the trail. The silence is wonderful and the air is fresh and clear.

A walk down this trail seldom fails to cheer me up. Layla ventures off to the left and the right, bouncing through snow cover, following deer tracks and turkey tracks, but looking back every fifty feet or so to get my nod to continue or return.

I now have a wider shot of this scene as the wallpaper on my laptop (1280x800). That way I can see it long after the snow melts. If you'd like to try it you can download it here (it is free, licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0, attribute: Stephen Cobb).

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