Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let's Do The Time Warp Again: DST disconnect for 3 weeks

Just a reminder that when the clocks go forward an hour this weekend for daylight saving time, the time difference to the rest of the world will enter a period of change. Instead of London being 5 hours ahead of New York, it will be 6 hourse in front, until March 30, when it returns to the regular 5 hours.  We stay in sync until October 26, when the UK and EU fall back an hour. That means  it will be 4 hours between New York and London until the US falls back, on November 2. To recap:

  • Week of 03/02/08 London - New York 5 hours

  • Week of 03/09/08 London - New York 6 hours

  • Week of 03/16/08 London - New York 6 hours

  • Week of 03/23/08 London - New York 6 hours

  • Week of 03/30/08 London - New York 5 hours

  • and so on until

  • Week of 10/26/08 London - New York 4 hours

  • Week of 11/03/08 London - New York 5 hours

  • and so on...

And if you just can't get enough of this topic, check out this site.

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