Radio Paradise Rocks (and soothes and cheers)

When times are tough (and I think we can all agree they are tough right now*) you sometimes need a way to escape, something to take your mind off things, or onto better things. I'm finding Radio Paradise does just that, and it's free as long as you have a broadband connection. Of course, donations are accepted I have been moved to give, it's just such a deliciously eclectic stream of good listening.

Sometimes they throw in some themed sets for fun and these can be quite amusing. Also, I recently found a cool gadget you can place on your Google home page that shows what is currently playing on Radio Paradise, along with album art (just search among the gadgets at Google/ig. You have to believe that this station is boosting CD sales for a lot of artists that people would otherwise not hear.

* Just for the record, on the "tough times" assertion:
  • Largest collapse of real estate values in recorded history
  • Real incomes falling, costs rising, budgets squeezed, jobs lost
  • Potential mega-flation fueled by soaring energy prices
  • World food shortages (again)
  • Middle East in crisis (again)
  • Oppression in far too many countries
  • Impending environmental disaster
  • Health care system in disarray

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