Lavish G8 Menu: A hotch-potch of complacent inanity?

Gotta love those British journalists. They have such a knack for spotting irony. In the Times this morning the headline read "G8 leaders feast on 13 courses after discussing world food shortages." This was followed by a truly sickening menu of the exotic foods upon which the leaders of the world's richest and most powerful nations feasted while pondering a massive increase in world hunger.

And it's not like the Times smuggled the menu out--the summit organizers were actually bragging about it, proving, once again, that the people who currently rule the planet have no clue. I mean, either you eat the fancy food in secret or you make a big show of eating plain food, for a change.

Then the Guardian's economics editor Larry Elliott, writing under the headline "A G8 removed from the real world," ponders what action, if any, the G8 will take. Will they do something decisive, for a change? Warns Elliott, "It would be foolish to bank on it." After pointing out that the last summit was way off base, he concludes that we would be "far safer to expect a repeat of last year's hotch-potch of complacent inanity."

And really, the G8 would have done better to dine on "aged hotch-potch of complacent inanity," perhaps served with a side order of humble pie, instead of wolfing down things like corn-stuffed caviar and truffle soup or sea urchin 'pain surprise' style.

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