Ubuntu Arrivesl Boots Well and Looks Good

In glorious technicolor on my 19 inch hi-res Princeton monitor, booted from a CD-rom on an IBM NetVista. This was indeed an impressive introduction. Took just moments to boot with no complaints. The picture here is actually a photo of the screen, showing a word processor, spreadsheet, music player and video player, all of which are included in the Ubuntu package. (Click image for slightly larger version.)

Of course, it could never be that easy, right? So in my next post I will document some obstacles to avoid if you want your first experience of Ubuntu to be a smooth one.


  1. Hi Stephen, I'm glad your boot went well. The last time I tried to do a full install of Ubuntu (about 12 months ago) it took a while to sort out disk partitioning; and I still could not get an internet connection via my router/cable-modem set-up.

    Installing the live-CD was more successful in terms of getting a network connection, but I found the massive load time a bit of a turn off. This may have been down to the fact that I was using a very old 500mhz PC, so maybe my comments are unfair. I've yet to test run it on my newer, Athlon 2800 (sadly not dual core). What speed machine have you been using? How long did it take to boot up?



  2. Hi Stephen, I am running Ubuntu on a Princeton 19" as well. I am wondering- does your screen display alignment ever wander off left or right? Everything looks good, but I often must re-align the screen with the OSD controls. Interestingly, it will end up like -300 to -400 pixels showing in the alignment numbers on the OSD. Just searching for a fix, and a google search popped up with your blog.