Where is the Action on Darfur?

Why isn't the world doing more to stop the genocide in Darfur? I keep searching for the answer to this question and can't find one. I can find plenty of information, like the Wikipedia page and the BBC News Q&A. But I still can't make sense of the lack of action.

I can find plenty of organizations--like this one--that are trying to raise awareness. But where is the action? How can the trillions of dollars that industrialized nations pour into military spending not contain a few million dollars to kill the Janjaweed. Seriously, what would it take? I think there would be plenty of volunteers ready to go and kill these murdering rapists if there was a way to get them armed and into the country. How about private planes and private arms? Isn't this a fight that good people should fight, like the war against Franco? Isn't it time for another International Brigade? Or has apathy already claimed this century as its own?


  1. Weak EU govt's beset with local problems of assimilation of muslims is one reason.

    More importantly, weak US govt with military power but impotent civilian leadership up to the top.

  2. There is no geopolitical interest and/or oil in Sudan. Thats why the U.S. has not intervened. Our wars are not for moral reasons, but political and economical. This is very unforunate for those being pillaged and raped in Sudan.

  3. If you happen to hear of someone organizing a "Lincoln Brigade" direct action response, let me know.