Catalogue Craziness: 13 per day is just too much

Right now we are getting an average of 13 catalogues in the mail every day. What a waste! We hardly look at them. We usually just toss them in the trash.

Yesterday we got back from a Thanksgiving vacation and found the accumulated mail from 10 delivery days included 131 catalogues, that's over 35 pounds of paper. Harder to delete than spam.

Is there no way to stop these from coming, other than writing to each and every one of the 131 senders (okay, some senders sent more than one, but it is still about 80 different entities that are doing this).


  1. How can you stop junk mail? I'm glad you asked!

    1. - stop junk mail, save trees, and plant new ones! There's also a similar thing at

    2. Some useful tips:

    3. And some more useful tips:

  2. I have suggested putting a trash can under the mailbox with a sign that says,
    "Dumping Zone!"
    But't it's really not funny :(

  3. You could set up a filter by getting a second mailing address and forwarding your mail from address A to address B. The post office won't forward the magazines.

    You'll just need to remember to renew the forward once a year...