Fizzing Ahead of the Curve: Berocca finally getting noticed

Twenty-one years ago, as I was heading off on a transatlantic trip, my wife handed me a metal tube of fizzy tablets and said "Take these with you." Ever since then I have carried these tablets--called Berocca--with me on most of my travels across time zones. Take one Berocca tablet, drop it into a glass of water, and you can:
  • replenish your vitamins,
  • settle your stomach,
  • turn nasty hotel water into a reasonably tasty fizzy drink.
But I have always been mystified as to why you can't buy Berocca in America (I buy mine when I visit family in England or order over the web from New Zealand). Finally, the New York Times is taking notice. Hopefully, the fact that some people take Berocca for a hangover will not dissuade Bayer from selling them in the land of the Puritans.


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  4. Taking a couple of these Berocca bad boy tablets really does help, makes you feel much better during the day and focused. A couple of stats on what vitamins you get and how much in a single tablet:

  5. American made berocca contains caffeine.