From Warm Engine to Hot Laptop: Saturdays now and then

So, I spent this Saturday fixing things. First there was the font problem with my blog, a classic case of a web site  looking fine in every browser but Internet Explorer. I finally cracked the right code in the css file to get it to look right in IE as well as the other browsers (change font size from 60% to 10pix).

Then there was the problem of actually getting to my web site, which has been "off the radar" lately where radar = surfing on a HughesNet satellite connection. I am writing this post by running Anonymizer and routing my browser through their servers because Hughes obviously has a serious DNS problem that I am not going to solve by calling their tech support folks in India. All of which got me thinking about my how my Dad spent his Saturday mornings...Roll back in time about four decades and we see no Internets, no blogs, no browser isses. But forty years ago there were other things that needed fixing and tweaking, like the ignition timing and carburettor settings on the family car.

Today, these things are handled electronically. Fuel injection has done away with carburettors. Most people I know never think about gapping their plugs. But back then Dads were expected to deal with such things. So then and now = bent over a warm engine v. hunched over a hot laptop?

Of course, while I'm tweaking my blog, my wife is researching her medical condition on one computer while backing up a flakey hard drive on another. Times have changed and roles have expanded. But later in the day, when she suggested scrambled eggs and bacon for supper, it felt a lot like old times.

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