Moving Mountains

mountainRecently I made a comment on Twitter about my wife moving mountains. Figured I better post some evidence to back that up.

Here she is moving a mountain of snow from our yard. That's a 400cc Arctic Cat 4 wheel drive ATV that Chey is wrangling, without the benefit of power steering. It's locked in Low with chains on the rear tires and a Warn plow on the front.

Who would have thought, back when we met, nearly a quarter of a century ago, sipping cappuccino in a North Beach coffee shop, that we would one day find ourselves living on the side of an 'almost mountain' and one of us would be really good at snow plowing. Of course, I should have got a hint when one of us took up off-road desert racing and entered one of the toughest races in the world. Only later did I found out the reason she got a good deal on the dune buggy she put together for this: It had been in the race the year before and did about four somersaults when it hit a rock and left the track. gocheyThe driver walked away, so I guess it was a good deal. Anyway, here it is in action, smoking another buggy off the line at the start of the Finke Desert Race 2000. Click, if you like,  for a very short video with really bad sound.

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